"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me with what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Adult time

Thanks to April and Cameron, we recently snuck out for the Decker's house warming party. Such fun!

A few weeks before that, the girls hung out at their grandparents while we went to dinner at Esparza's. So good!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


We moved into a hotel.
After staying two nights with the Bells in Irving, we figured they needed a break.
And we needed more room and beds.
Our insurance company has us in a two bedroom suite with a full kitchen.
Of course I don't come empty handed so we are fully stocked.
Having a little popcorn and wine as I type.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tiny closets & CEC Thursday

Mom, NO PICTURES OF ME! She was eating slow this morning so breakfast in the car She doesn't like the pancake part, just the sausage

Such a happy girl when I rode to CEC. I'm sure she was heard for miles. What a Blessing

Stomping on ants Heading to see daddy at work

Used every bit of mom's shaving cream

Apartment closets, need I say more? Chris could fill this alone.

Trying to organize it a little

My tiny section of clothes
Fall clothes..not sure what to do with them

Today turned out to be an awesome day. I don't thank God enough for all of our Blessings but today I did quite often.
Hailey was pulled out of bed this morning while she was trying to crawl back in. She did not want to wake once again. The slowest breakfast in history landed her breakfast on the go. Still TONS of tears at school but is always so happy when I pick her up. Today, she was jumping up and down and clapping. I love the feeling when you see that smile and the kids are so excited you are there. I'm always early, one of the first moms, and it makes her proud. She tells her class that I'm there. The teachers just smile and tell me that she is for sure a momma's girl.
While she was there, Chris and I took it easy. Mother nature finally showed her evil face and I've been ordered to take it easy. Me take it easy? I did today. Came home from dropping HG off, laid around, took a bath, talked with Chris, researched a few possibilities, fixed lunch, did a load of laundry....pretty much relaxed until 1:30 and darted out the door to pick up my smiling Angel.
Rather than returning home after school, I pulled into Chuck E Cheese. I'm sure you could have hear the squeals and the laughter miles away. She kept telling me "Momma, Hailey Grace is essicted, so esssssscited" and "thank you for CEC". That alone made the trip worth while. I really enjoy going to the one in Grapevine now. There is hardly anyone there and the staff is great. I got a coke, Hailey Grace an apple juice and milk and a few dollars in tokens. We really had fun, even I had a blast. She kept saying "good job mommy" if I got her tickets or scored high on a game. Oh my, she is growing so fast.
After CEC, HG requested that she wanted to see daddy. A quick stop by the apartment and then off to an early dinner. I had the salmon, it was okay but I'm not a big salmon fan. Cedar planked or the Spicy ones from Sam's is it. Like I said, it was okay so I'm sure others just love it. HG had half of my salad and chicken tenders. The sweet waitress sold her on a brownie sundae. ENORMOUS. YUMMY. WONDERFUL. Popped my button on my bottoms. Sure did. That should be a sign correct? Step away from the food. :)
The rest of the evening was cleaning out the master closet (not sure how anyone could call this a master closet), watching a little tv, bath time, coloring time and bedtime. Miss Priss has been down since 9:15 and has her "singing" going strong. She'll call out for me by 7 or 8 in the morning and want some milk. Then I get snuggle time with her.
Not much planned for tomorrow. Chris is a MID, he closes tonight so I'm sure will be a little sleepy tomorrow. We will probably go to storage and look for our fall decorations. Not sure where we will put them but HG loves all the fall pumpkins and such. We get to go pick up our shirts for Lindsey's walk on Saturday, can't wait. Right now, they haven't had to cancel due to the flooding parks. Hopefully the water will go down by then.
On another note, our favorite couple lost their precious dog today. I feel terrible for them as the dog just turned 10 on July 4th and had been healthy until recently. They never expected this. I know it is just a dog to some but to others it is a lot more. My heart breaks for them .

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

She loves her babies.Our conversation:
HG:I need more babies. Momma, stop and listen. NOW. I need more babies. They cry for Hailey Grace. see, she is crying and I kiss her.
Me:You talk too much for being only 2. :)
I thank God every day for a little girl. So much fun and always full of laughter. Girls definitely have more personality at this age.
Yep, she is wearing her Dora shirt. Almost too small. I'm sure someone will mail us one soon so she won't go without. :)

Don't get me wrong, rain can be lovely. I enjoy having a nice storm from time to time but the heavy rain won't be missed. The flooding in the roads won't be missed. The tornado's won't be missed. The curly q's in my hair won't be missed. It was raining so hard this morning that I couldn't even run to my car. Hailey Grace keeps looking outside and asking why it is still raining.

We've been in doors all day and Hailey is just about finished with her nap. Girl did not want to nap but it took a mere 2 minutes once I made her lay on her bed. I have her colors and more A letter stuff to color once she wakes. Chris is off again today. 8 days. Oh how we would have loved to take a mini trip but hunting hung the moon in Texas. I think we might get a night or two in Colorado really soon. He goes back for 3 and then is off on Sunday.
Hailey Grace helped me put the chicken in the crock pot before dinner and she had her choice of dishes. She chose BBQ chicken. Turned out great. I love chicken cooked in the crock pot, so tender.
I finally have HG back on a good bedtime routine and couldn't be happier. It just a few days at Poppy's to get back in a routine. Tonight, it was late and it was 9:10. YES! And she is in her bed, in her room and she sleeps all night. I don't have to share my tiny bed with two bed hogs. If Chris snores too much then I just climb in her bed but STILL. She is doing awesome. I think Chris is enjoying it too. For 8 months in Texarkana, she was on a perfect routine. One month moving threw her all kinds of directions. It would be 1 in the morning and she was bouncing off the wall. 7:30 she can barely hold her eyes open. LOVE IT!
Tomorrow HG has school and she is already telling us she isn't going. It is going to be a SUPER FUN morning, let me tell you.
Have a great Thursday!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cute kid

Found this in a drawer and had to share (sorry dad!). Isn't this adorable? My dad will be 60 soon and this is him as a small child.

Tuesday in Grapevine

Ketchup with everything
Lots of rotation today

Mia bought her new shoes, she is scared of the lights.

Today was letter A
A is for Alligator
Wanting daddy to color an Alligator
Dog kennels are not for human weight but made for great laughs.

yep, they are on my legs too!

Our day started off with us running behind. I needed gas, we didn't stop last night and Hailey wasn't ready to get in the car. I prayed we would make it to school (and we did!), got drenched on the way in and I left Hailey in tears. So hard to do but she as just fine when I picked her up.

Chris and I dined at Fuzzy Tacos for lunch. I really enjoy that place, you always know what you are going to get. We lost track of time and rushed to pick up Hailey Grace. I wrote a blog this afternoon that apparently someone had an issue with so we are debating on going private. I cleaned house on my emails and facebook and this is next. Most of my family and friends through the blog was great because I've been SOOOOOOOOOO UPSET this past year about always being put down. Like I said in the previous emails, we are going to just take ourselves away from the issues. Simple as that. We don't loose.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday. Today was Sweet Lindsey's birthday so please say a prayer for her and her dear family and friends tonight. I am super excited about her walk on Saturday. Hailey Grace and I are debating on heading to Texarkana for a while and coming back for it on Saturday. I promise to take my camera if we do!

Previous post

I had to delete the previous post, thank you to those who sent me texts in support of allowing Hailey Grace to watch/like Dora. Like I previously said, the best way to avoid the problem is not to be around it at all. That is what I have chosen for Hailey Grace and I.