"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me with what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tiny closets & CEC Thursday

Mom, NO PICTURES OF ME! She was eating slow this morning so breakfast in the car She doesn't like the pancake part, just the sausage

Such a happy girl when I rode to CEC. I'm sure she was heard for miles. What a Blessing

Stomping on ants Heading to see daddy at work

Used every bit of mom's shaving cream

Apartment closets, need I say more? Chris could fill this alone.

Trying to organize it a little

My tiny section of clothes
Fall clothes..not sure what to do with them

Today turned out to be an awesome day. I don't thank God enough for all of our Blessings but today I did quite often.
Hailey was pulled out of bed this morning while she was trying to crawl back in. She did not want to wake once again. The slowest breakfast in history landed her breakfast on the go. Still TONS of tears at school but is always so happy when I pick her up. Today, she was jumping up and down and clapping. I love the feeling when you see that smile and the kids are so excited you are there. I'm always early, one of the first moms, and it makes her proud. She tells her class that I'm there. The teachers just smile and tell me that she is for sure a momma's girl.
While she was there, Chris and I took it easy. Mother nature finally showed her evil face and I've been ordered to take it easy. Me take it easy? I did today. Came home from dropping HG off, laid around, took a bath, talked with Chris, researched a few possibilities, fixed lunch, did a load of laundry....pretty much relaxed until 1:30 and darted out the door to pick up my smiling Angel.
Rather than returning home after school, I pulled into Chuck E Cheese. I'm sure you could have hear the squeals and the laughter miles away. She kept telling me "Momma, Hailey Grace is essicted, so esssssscited" and "thank you for CEC". That alone made the trip worth while. I really enjoy going to the one in Grapevine now. There is hardly anyone there and the staff is great. I got a coke, Hailey Grace an apple juice and milk and a few dollars in tokens. We really had fun, even I had a blast. She kept saying "good job mommy" if I got her tickets or scored high on a game. Oh my, she is growing so fast.
After CEC, HG requested that she wanted to see daddy. A quick stop by the apartment and then off to an early dinner. I had the salmon, it was okay but I'm not a big salmon fan. Cedar planked or the Spicy ones from Sam's is it. Like I said, it was okay so I'm sure others just love it. HG had half of my salad and chicken tenders. The sweet waitress sold her on a brownie sundae. ENORMOUS. YUMMY. WONDERFUL. Popped my button on my bottoms. Sure did. That should be a sign correct? Step away from the food. :)
The rest of the evening was cleaning out the master closet (not sure how anyone could call this a master closet), watching a little tv, bath time, coloring time and bedtime. Miss Priss has been down since 9:15 and has her "singing" going strong. She'll call out for me by 7 or 8 in the morning and want some milk. Then I get snuggle time with her.
Not much planned for tomorrow. Chris is a MID, he closes tonight so I'm sure will be a little sleepy tomorrow. We will probably go to storage and look for our fall decorations. Not sure where we will put them but HG loves all the fall pumpkins and such. We get to go pick up our shirts for Lindsey's walk on Saturday, can't wait. Right now, they haven't had to cancel due to the flooding parks. Hopefully the water will go down by then.
On another note, our favorite couple lost their precious dog today. I feel terrible for them as the dog just turned 10 on July 4th and had been healthy until recently. They never expected this. I know it is just a dog to some but to others it is a lot more. My heart breaks for them .


S.I.F. said...

Hailey sounds A LOT like me! I am a baaaad waker upper! ;)

Leslie said...

I'm so glad you visited my blog!! Thanks you! I love meeting new friends.

It looks like you have a sweet little girl there:)


katOUT said...

oh how very adorable! i miss when my kids were that age! enjoy it girly! she is so very cute!

sweetjeanette said...

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